Create a Funnel

Hackle's funnel analysis provides data-backed information on how users navigate through the designated paths ("funnels") within your product, and identifies the problem areas where users bounce from your website or page.


SDK Integration and codework are required to collect data for user funnel analysis. For this, please refer to the SDK documentation specific for each language.

Funnels can be created by clicking the `Create a New Funnel' button at the top right of the Funnel Analysis page located in the tab located in the left navigation.


1. Select the items to analyze

There are two types of items you can include as steps to your funnel, action events.
Select events to be included in the steps of your funnel. (The Introduction to Funnel Analysis document provides a detailed description of the closed funnel. What is a Funnel Analysis?


If the event you want is not created, you can create it directly by clicking the + Create New Event button at the bottom of the pop-up. For more information, go to Create Events

2. Setting details

First, list the selected events in order.

3. Preview the funnel

The settings made in steps 1 and 2 above are reflected in the preview screen. Double-check that the sequence of the funnel you want to create is correct. (Since the preview funnel is calculated by Any Order funnel, the data in the intermediate step may appear higher than the previous step depending on the selection and order. A detailed description of the Any Order funnel can be found in the Introduction to Funnel Analysis document. What is a Funnel Analysis?


4. Creating User Funnels

Click the Start Funnel Analysis button located in the lower right corner to create the user funnel. It may take up to 1 hour to collect and calculate the data required to reflect on your user funnel analysis results.

5. Modify Funnel Information

You can edit the name and description of the user funnel you created by clicking the pencil-shaped button at the top.