What is a Metric?


The Metrics tab is only available in the production environment.

Metrics tab

The metrics tab is the tab that is exposed by default when entering the A/B test page from the production environment.
This tab is the tab exposed by default when entering the A/B test detail page for an experiment that is currently not in draft mode and on the production environment.

Here you can see the metrics set by the A/B test. Data collected after the start of the experiment can also be viewed here.


The data update cycle is 1 hour.

In order to get results please check at least 1 hour after starting the experiment.

About metrics

A metric is a means to measure the performance of an A/B test, or an evaluation criterion to see if the experimental group (groups B,C,D,...) can outperform the control group (group A).

For example, suppose a company is considering changing the color of a Buy button. The reason we're making this change is to get users to click the Buy button more.
In this case, you will create an A/B test to experiment with the different colors of the buy button to see which color is the best color. So, what would you set as your goal metrics in order to find out what is the β€œbest”?

You can set the metrics as 'Buy button clicks' as the change to the original color of the button will be meaningful depending on whether or not users press the altered version of the Buy button more. You can also set a 'purchase conversion rate' as a goal, as making more clicks on the Buy button is ultimately meant to increase your conversion rate.

For more details

Please refer to the following article on how to set metrics.

Step 2: Set Metrics

Please refer to the following article for information on interpreting the experiment outcomes and data to derive meaningful results.

Step 7: Interpret Results