In-App Message


Try Hackle's In-App Messages to easily deliver personalized information, discounts, promotions, and more to your customers.

What are In-App Messages?

In-App Messages are one of the CRM channels used to effectively communicate messages to users within your service. They are typically displayed as pop-ups during the user's interaction with the service. In-App Messages consist of attention-grabbing images and brief text that can capture the user's interest. By delivering targeted messages in the context of the user's activity, In-App Messages can achieve high conversion rates.

Benefits of Hackle's In-App Messages

Using In-App Messages can enhance user experience and achieve various marketing outcomes.

  1. Higher View Rates:
    In-App Messages are displayed within the service, making them easily visible and quickly readable for users. This leads to higher view rates and increases the likelihood of a successful marketing campaign.
  2. User Engagement:
    In-App Messages provide users with opportunities for direct interaction, fostering user engagement and increasing service usage.
  3. Various Message Types:
    You can customize the message type and design based on the information you want to convey. Currently supported message types include:
    • Popup with image, buttons
    • Bottom seat (image, text)
    • Card type (upcoming)
    • Full-Screen popup(upcoming)
  4. Personalized Targeting
    Hackle offers personalized targeting capabilities. You can target messages based not only on user attributes but also on specific event triggers.
  5. Customizable Message Content (upcoming):
    You can personalize message content by including the user's nickname, delivering discount coupons related to their previous purchases, or providing event information based on their membership level.
  6. A/B Testing
    Utilize Hackle's powerful A/B testing capabilities to optimize message content.
  7. Campaign Management:
    With the campaign management feature, you can schedule messages to be displayed at specific times. To ensure a positive customer experience, the frequency of displaying the same message to the same user can also be managed.
    Hackle's data analytics capabilities enable automatic measurement of campaign performance, allowing you to evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns and devise more effective marketing strategies.