Introduction to Data Segmentation

Through Hackle's A/B test, a thorough data analysis from all the test subjects of your experiment can be conducted.
On top of this, Hackle provides a way to further segment the data results for detailed analysis.

For example, the following segmentation of data results is possible:

  • Analysis based on platform used by users (PC web, Mobile web, Mobile App)
  • Analysis based on OS used by users (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux)
  • Analysis based on app version used by users
  • Analysis based on user's membership level

Preparation for detailed analysis

The following steps are required for detailed analysis.

  1. Segmentation property (criteria)

    • Segmentation property refers to the target users to be analyzed in detail.
    • For example, if you "would like to analyze the data results based on each platform used", the segmentation property will be set as Platform.
  2. Property values

    • The values ​​that the segmentation property can have are called property values.
    • For example, if the analysis criterion is a platform, PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc. can be analyzed.
  3. Data Collection

    • Define the properties that fit the analysis criteria and analysis items.
    • Collects data to be analyzed via property collection. Hackle SDK integration is required for data collection.