Hackle-provided Properties

This document covers the properties that Hackle defines and collects.


In order to use Hackle-provided properties

  1. SDK integration is required. (Code work needed!)
  2. You must use client-side SDK. (e.g. iOS/AOS/JavaScript)


Property KeyDescriptionExample Property Value
pageTitleTitle of webpageHackle
pagePathWebpage path/service
hostHost address of webpagewww.hackle.io
protocolProtocolhttp, https,...
queryParameterQuery parameter?keywords=Hackle
screenWidthWidth of screen1024
screenHeightHeight of screen768
browserNameName of browserSamsung Browser, Mobile Safari, Edge, ...
browserMajorVersionMajor version of browser96
browserVersionBrowser version96.0.1
osNameName of OSAndroid, iPhone, Mac, Windows, iPad, ...
osVersionOS version10.1.1
platformPlatformMobile, Web, ETC
deviceVendorManufacturer of deviceSamsung, Apple, ...
deviceModelDevice modeldeviceModel
userAgentUser agentuserAgent
languageLanguageko-KR, ko-kr, ko, ...
timeZoneTime zone+09:00, +xx:00, ...

How to use

  1. Hackle SDK must be integrated.
    Currently, only client-side SDK (e.g. iOS/AOS/JavaScript) is available for Hackle-provided properties.
    Check the SDK integration method for your specific language in the SDK category.

  2. Transfer properties to Hackle using a method that uses a user object as a parameter.
    Please refer to the ‘User Identifiers and Properties’ document for each language in the SDK category.