Push Message


Instantly improve retention and engagement with Hackle push messages

What are Push Messages?

Push messages are an effective CRM channel that delivers important information concisely and encourages user interaction in mobile apps or even on the web. Since messages can be delivered even to users who are not currently using the service, they can capture user attention and improve engagement and retention.

Advantages of Hackle Push Messages

Using push messages can enhance the user experience and achieve various marketing effects.

  1. Effective Information Delivery
    Concise messages can convey important information, and messages can be easily delivered to customers who are not currently using the service.

  2. User Acquisition and Retention
    Inactive customers can be reactivated. User acquisition and retention can be improved, leading to better business performance.

  3. Encouraging User Engagement
    Even when users are not using the service, opportunities arise for them to re-enter and interact, promoting user engagement.

  4. Cohort Targeting
    Customized targeting capabilities are provided. Messages can be sent by targeting dynamically updated event-based cohorts, not just simple attributes.

  5. Campaign Management
    The campaign management feature allows you to schedule messages to be displayed at desired times. To avoid negatively impacting the customer experience, the frequency at which the same message is shown to the same user can also be adjusted.

  6. Campaign Performance Measurement
    Hackle's data analytics capabilities automatically measure campaign performance. This helps assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and develop more effective strategies. Not only simple delivery and click-through rates, but also in-depth conversion tracking along the purchase funnel after message clicks.

  7. Personalized Messaging
    Message content can be personalized. For example, the user's nickname can be included in the message, discount coupons related to previously purchased products can be delivered, or different event information can be sent based on the user's tier.

  8. Message A/B Testing (Coming Soon)
    Leverage Hackle's powerful A/B testing to optimize message content and maximize campaign performance.