Introduction to Event Management

Event Management is a menu that allows you to manage all event data transmitted to Hackle. You can check the data on the events you created yourself or the events collected by Hackle SDK.

You can check all events by pressing into the Event Management tab within the Hackle dashboard.

  • (Top) Event Tracking Status : You can see the event list that track in real time and can see the detailed information including User Identifiers, properties by clicking each event.
  • (Buttom) Event List > List Tab : You can see more detailed information of each event like Event Key Name, Recent Collecting Trend, Created at, Favorites, Status On/Off etc.

  • (Buttom) Event List > Graph Tab : You can see each event's collecting trends by number, by users on the graph.


How do I check my full list of registered events?

If you click the 'List' tab in the event management menu, you can check all the registered events in the form of a list.

Functions provided by Hackle's Event Management

Event Management
You can check the trend of all event data transmitted to Hackle in a graph. The types of data that can be checked from the graph and the data period are as follows.

If you select Count, you can check the trend of the total number of occurrences of the event (blue line) and the total number of users who triggered the event (green line).

Once you click each graph, you will be redirected to the detailed page of the event.

You can see the Event Tracking Status on the top, and can see the Properties, Live, and Event Analytics tabs on the buttom of the detailed page.

There are 2 types of properties which is Custom Properties that user define by themselves and Hackle Properties that is collected by hackle automatically.

Also Check the code and copysection help you more faster when you add each event and properties to track your service. you can change the proper language by clicking language dropdown.